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Ideology & Perspectives

Core Values Of The Organization

  • Commitment for the service without discrimination
  • To be compassionate loving and respectful especially towards the marginalized and vulnerable 
  • To uphold human dignity with a sense of divine and faith in people
  • To work for justice and peace with a sense of patriotism without party political grounds
  • To uphold the values enshrined in the constitution of India.

“Giving back
is always in style.”

State the Aims and Objectives of the Organization

  • To conscientize people to know their own status and to fight for their own rights.
  • To empower men, women, youth, and children to work for their own development.
  • To organize community and mobilize resources to improve the socio-economic condition of the people.
  • To promote preventive and curative health care in the community.
  • To educate the people to build a just society and a better future.
  • To educate the children to be the strong value based citizens of India.
  • To uplift the rights of people and children with disability.

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What we did Well

Early Intervention
Inclusive Education
Child rights
Women Participation
Community Organisation

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Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much


Hangal in Haveri district in Northern part of Karnataka is one of the poverty ridden backward talukas of the state. Hangal is a notified drought prone area. Majority of the population belong to most marginalized Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) like Lamanies, Gollas, Voddars, Talvars, Jyogers and Siddars. These oppressed marginalized tribal groups have many challenges for their identity, existence and livelihood. Most of the families are landless laborers who migrate frequently to other districts and states in search of livelihood. Regular migration, frequent droughts, lack of livelihood coupled by other social issues like caste division,discrimination, untouchability, exploitation etc. has challenged the equity, dignity and survival of these community members for generation and generation. Aged, adult and children all are victims of such a situation.

Roshni Trust, is committed to the cause and hopes of such downtrodden, marginalized and poorest of the poor communities in Hangal and neighboring Mudgod Taluks. Roshni Trust is a registered charitable organization headquartered at Hangal. The Trust with the motto, “Life is fruitful in service.”is guided by Ursuline Franciscan Congregation. Initially the sisters of the congregation voluntarily took up the developmental work as a part of their social service. While staying in villages and with families of these the communities, sisters saw; felt and realized such deep rooted injustice, discrimination, oppression, exploitation denying their rights of livelihood and decent living. The mission of mobilising these oppressed communities and families to fight for their rights was felt. Also the then Bishop of Belgaum requested the sisters to take up this mission of community welfare. Accordingly with a Franciscan spirit of becoming a channel of peace and justice and hope of the poor and marginalized communities ‘Roshni’ started its activities in Hangal Taluk on June 5th 1998. Srs. Eulalia, Rosa Cecily and Dulcine Crasta were the visionaries of the Trust and its activities. This mission is further strengthened and expanded under the able leadership of Srs.Eulalia Monteiro, Grace Alvares, Nancy Ferrao, Sr.Dulcine Crasta, Anitha D’souza, Dimple D’souza and Shanthi D’souza.

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