Roshni is committed to the cause of Children,enabling them to enjoy their right to survival, right to protection, right to participation and right to development. Child care and Protection awareness programmes are organized in schools, bus stands, SHGs and in public programmes. Open house programmes are facilitated providing an opportunity for children to express their needs exercising their rights before the government officials and elected representatives. Child Protection committees are formed in the villages to monitor child abuse issues and take prompt action against instances of child rights violations. Core programmes initiated by Roshni are:

  • Education of the girl child is given by supporting them under sponsorship programme.
  • Supported by ChildLineIndia Foundation, Roshni acts as a nodal point for protection of children and child rights at Hangal Taluk. ChildLine 1098 service is a 24 X 7 toll free emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection.
  • Hostel facility for Children has been initiated to provide education and safety to the children of the parents who go on migration.
  • Roshni is making continuous efforts to enroll back the drop-out children to schools.
  • Roshni leads as a center for awareness, advocacy and training on issues needed to child protection in Hangal Taluk.
  • Adolescent empowerment groups are formed to help adolescents to know their own self, accept themselves and balance relationships.  These groups are trained on life skills on regular basis.
  • Parents’ groups are formed to make them aware of their responsibility, the need to accept, love and understand their children and guide them accordingly.

Protection of Child Rights

Roshni believes that children are equal citizens of the society. Children have equal rights for education, health, protection and care. Roshni is committed to reach out to each child in need ensuring their rights.

Roshni also believes that ‘a happy child is the future of our Society’. Campaigns promoting rights of Children especially girl child are organized regularly.

Holiday camps

Holiday camps are conducted for children in the villages during Dasara vacation to identify, build and develop leadership qualities in children and provide them with ample opportunities for skill development.

Children panchayats

Children panchayats are formed to instill social consciousness among children. Village level meetings of Children Panchayats are facilitated at regular intervals. To build their awareness and understanding, space and scope is provided to children to discuss various social and political issues on development.