Strategies of Roshni are committed to protect and ensure rights of people living in poverty and  injustice. In this fight against suppression and marginalization of poor people, Roshni bonds with them by promoting and setting up of local organisations of all “rights holders”.Roshni aims to build a broad and powerful people’s movement for designed change by providing awareness through various activities like street plays, meetings and workshops.Regular trainings are conducted to create awareness on various government schemes, importance of water and conservation of village level water bodies, sanitation, hygiene etc.

Village development Committees:

To empower the communities and marginalised people to fight for their rights and entitlements Roshni has promoted formation of village development committees at each village. The collective strength of VDCs has supported the people in accessing their right for work and livelihood by participating in various schemes like MGNREGA, Food security and preservation of natural resources etc.

Lok Manch programme:

This is a regular programme organized by Roshnifor integrated development. Under this programme, 20 villages consisting of 150 – 200 families are selected to ensure the all-round development. Three potential community leaders from all villages are identified and trained to meet the needs of the people. These leaders connect with local government, MLAs. MPs ensuring implementation of welfare schemes and overall development.

Gram Sabha sangha:

This is a community based organization for women. Main objective of this CBO is to bring women of all flocks in decision making process for village development. These sanghas promote not only women collectives but provides an opportunity for enhancement of leadership skills for women. Deliberations, discussions and debates in Gram Sabha meetings have ensured equal participation of women in village/ward gramsabhas. This initiation has made the Gramsabhas to discuss on women and gender issues apart from treating women as community leaders in decision making process. The Sangha also plays a major role facilitating women rights and for their entitlements as per Government schemes.

Training to elected Panchayat representatives:

To enhance people’s participation in local governance and bring about sustainable overall development, Roshni provides capacity building trainings to elected representatives of Hangal Taluk panchayats.  These programmes aim at awareness creating and capacity building of these elected members on Panchayat Raj Act and their role, rights and responsibilities. This is a step towards bringing good governancein overall taluk administration.

Spoorthy Federation for women:

Spoorthyis the Federation of elected women Panchayat members. Roshni promoted the Federation to build confidence and leadership qualities among the elected women so to execute their authority and responsibility for the community welfare without fear and favor. Members of the Federation meet at regular intervals to share, discuss and deliberate on various issues and challenges, both internal and external, to their villages/wards. Roshni facilitates trainings and workshops to build their capacity and knowledge sharing on various socio-economic issues.

Roshni believes in the power of the people for total transformation of the society. Therefore to enable them to be the agents of social change their capacities are enhanced. Through such constant efforts and programmes people are able to take ownership of the programme.