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Community Organization:

Community Organization:

Community Organization department of Roshni seeks to empower individuals and groups of people with the skills they need to effect change within their communities. These skills are created through the formation of village development committees in twenty nine villages working for a common agenda. In twenty villages leaders are selected and capacitated to ensure the entitlements of the marginalized. 629 elected representatives are trained to execute their roles and responsibilities in accordance with Panchayath raj act. More than five thousand women have become the members of Gram sabha sangha with an intention of attending gram sabha and claiming the government benefits collectively. People’s participation and collective responsibility are the key elements involved in the process of organizing people towards community development.
Constriction workers union : It has been formed in 2018. Around 360 workers are in the union. This union is a supportive factor for unorganized labours to come together for various issues.

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