Early childhood period in age group of  0-6 years is highly sensitive in the process of child’s growth and development. This is very crucial period laying a foundation in childhood and beyond for cognitive functioning, behavioral, social, and self-regulatory capacities and physical health. Many children face various stressors during this age period that can impair their healthy development.

Early Intervention and early education programme of Roshni involves identifying /screening of children in the age group of 0-6 years. In case some developmental delay is found at this screening necessary intervention is provided after proper assessment

  • Early intervention activities are carried out regularly in the houses of the children and twice a week at Roshni center.
  • Parents’ trainings are conducted to enable them to deal with the special needs of their disabled child and also creating awareness amongst various stakeholders like Anganwadi workers, ASHA workers and hospital staff supporting functional, developmental and coping abilities of children.
  • Residential camps for children and parents are organized to provide early intervention to infants with developmental delay and other disabilities.
  • Speech therapy, physical therapy, corrective surgeries, occupational Therapy, psychological and audiology services are provided as an integral part of this programme.
  • Basic education and various coping strategies are imparted to the children from 3-6 years in order to enroll them to the mainstream schools and get adjusted to the school environment.
  • Families especially the parents and care givers are helped to gain knowledge developing their capacity to meet the emerging needs of their children and to promote development.
  • All other stakeholders in the community are made aware of the needs of such children and necessary links to be utilized in providing service to these children and their families.