Support for People with Disability and early intervention

Disability issue is still struggling in the realm of Social welfare and human rights prospective. People have limited knowledge on disability issues while the health department and hospitals have limited infrastructure to deal with disabilities. People have accepted disability as a curse and will of god instead of treating it as an ailment. People with disability are struggling for life while society and families consider them as liability.

To provide necessary awareness and curative support, Roshni has promoted groups of People with disabilities (PWDS) at village, cluster and Taluk levels. The Federation and cluster level network has provided PWDs a platform to voice their struggles, opinions and for their specific rights. Supported by Roshni now they are able to come together, think together and plan for actions for their livelihood, sustainability and development.

Support to people with hearing impaired:

Roshni has specific project to support people with speech and hearing disability. With its specially trained staff, Roshni provides support and care to assess their problems and enable them to have their right to education. Under this programme, hearing impaired children are given education through total communication and sign language in their houses/ schools/ anganwadi centers.

Programmes are designed for:

  • Identification, assessment and re assessments of every child.
  • To provide Education is according to the level of their capacity.
  • Hearing aids are provided to the children
  • Peer group trainings are conducted to involve them in the process of education and support the children to grasp and learn better.
  • Awareness workshops, trainings and meetings are organized to bring awareness on the causes and preventive aspects of the hearing impairment. Such awareness is also provided to Parents, school teachers, Anganwadi workers, ASHA workers and local hospital staff etc.
  • Every year free residential camp of 8 days is conducted for the children to build up sign language and communication skills.
  • World deaf day is observed through various programmes to spread awareness message mainstreaming children with Hearing impairment disability.