Roshni understands that Women Empowerment can be achieved by providing equal space for women in Economical, Social and political spheres of the society. To achieve this, village level and taluk level women collectives are promoted with the better platform to fight against discrimination, suppression and marginalization they are victimized toWomen self-help groups (SHGs)  savings and credit activities have empowered the women economically and socially. Discussions in the groups and collective decision making processes have acted as a catalyst in their self-confidence and leadership building process. This has not only impacted the women life but has brought a positive change in their families.   They have initiated and developed income generating activities for economic sustainability. Trainings from Roshni on self-employment for income generating activities has enthused the women to start many initiations on their own. SHG meetings and trainings at regular intervals have become source of knowledge and awareness in their empowerment process

School drop-out young girls are given the opportunity to enhance their skills through family life education and vocational training through Roshni tailoring unit. Every year tailoring courses are conducted in selected villages ensuring such trainee girls of the particular village benefit from it.

Adarsha Taluk Federation:

The SHG collectives are more strengthened with formation of ‘Adarsha Taluk Federation’. This is a taluk Federation of all SHGs. Federation formation has motivated them to use it as a common platform to voice their struggles and opinions The Federation has representation of all village level SHGs. Apart from emerging as a Taluk level collective, the Federation is a stronger channel of sensitization on various social issues and a greater strength to fight for their rights.

Roshni takes sides with women supporting their fight against gender injustice,suppression and exploitation. Roshni organizes various activities, meetings, workshops and trainings to women of the villages to attain equality affirming their dignity in the society.Such capacity building programmes have given them an opportunity to analyze and realise the situation socially, economically and politically.  Adarsha Federation  plays a greater role in organizing awareness programmes,women’s day celebrations. Federation has strengthened the women to voice their opinion in Gramasabhaswhile fighting for their rights. With representation in local governments women have a stronger voice now.